Meet Orphans Aid

We are lucky to have some wonderful customers who do amazing work within the broader community. Today, we wanted to take a minute to introduce you to Orphans Aid International.

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Watch our latest EzyChurch training webinar

Each week we run a training webinar to help you, our valued customers, get the most out of the EzyStream platform.

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Want to inspire more engagement with your presentation?

EzyStream notes are a clever way to publish pre-prepared material for an event to the people attending, and allow them to add/edit that note on their own device.

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Meet Bron!

We would love to introduce you to Bron (Bronwyn) Bell.

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Welcome to 2019, let's start making the most of your EzyChurch investment!

The team at EzyChurch are excited to welcome in the new year and wanted to let you know about the regular webinar training we will starting in 2019 for all our customers.

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Excited to be at ACC New South Wales 'I Will Build' Conference

We're so pleased to be at the ACC conference in Port Macquarie with 1000 Australian church leaders.

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Introducing Dave....our Head of Sales

Hi. Dave McDougall here.
I joined EzyStream in late May, 2018 as Head of Sales. I am excited about the opportunity presented by EzyStream and the dynamic platform that we have allowing our customers the ability to connect, engage and inspire their communities.
I have a long history working within technology and around software specifically. I actually started my career working in the music industry as a music recording engineer working out of York Street Recording studios in Auckland and touring with bands like the Parachute Band and Steriogram around New Zealand, Australia and the United States.
For the past 20 years however I have been squarely focused on technology, working in IT administration, development and project management roles as well as a long stint working for another New Zealand born software company Streamtime.
My role at EzyStream is about helping build a team around a strategy to expand our customer base. I will be working to grow the team, implement the processes and systems to allow us to manage customer growth efficiently and working on the coal face dealing with you, our customers!
I am excited to be here at EzyStream and about the future our business has with this exciting platform.
I look forward to working with our clients and meeting all the new prospective organisations out there who will reap the benefits out platform can provide.
Don't hesitate to reach out to me!
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Sometimes life just has a habit of working out...

If you're anything like me, the 3am worry-window brings fresh awareness of the problems I'm facing, but not a lot of the solutions that help. The tossing and turning over every angle, except the one that brings the answer.

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The tale of Little Jack Horner, who stuck in his thumb and pulled out.....

Once upon a time, you'd have been hoping the answer was a $10 note to be put in the offering bag rather than a plain old plum, but these days it's a different story.

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